About Us

About Us

The trajectory of Estampaciones 3 Efes dates back to the middle of the 50s when in the city of Madrid we started to manufacture hardware and kitchen products, with personalized prints. At the end of the 70s, we moved to Torrejón de Ardoz and in the late 90s to a productive plant of 3,800 square meters, where we began to innovate with the manufacture of billboards, which flooded all roads in the country. In the 90s, we also expanded our catalogue of street furniture products. And in 2010 the digitalization or the so-called Digital Signage became part of all our production processes, with the development of new technological designs that become innovative digital media of the latest generation, for all types of advertising.


At 3 Efes we are dedicated to the industrial and technological manufacturing of analogy and digital structures focused on advertising, through Digital Signage, billboards and Urban Furniture. Our clients are companies in the advertising sector such as JCDecaux, Exterior Media, Exterior Plus or Clear Channel. We have internationalized our company carrying out projects for various countries in Europe, Africa and America. The quality, innovation and design of our products are three fundamental elements that go together with our exemplary work team, the efficient technology and automation of our machinery, so that our products are one of the most competitive and demanded in the national and international market..


Our goal in 3 Efes is to continue growing and adapting to the new demands of companies in the advertising sector, giving value to the advertising brands that accompany us in each of our products. The Digital Signage and the digitalization of the traditional structures, as well as the design of new ones, are our main motivation for development in the company. And all this is linked to our Department of Innovation and Development that works to meet the demands of customers and to develop new cutting-edge and technological products, such as the example of the Radix model with LED screen and digital backlit LCD screens LED.

Our values

At 3 Efes we look for Excellence and Quality in each of the jobs we carry out. The Commitment and Flexibility with our workers and clients are essential to carry out a good daily work, which has its pillars in the collaboration to enhance collective talent. Not forgetting that the Environment is another of our priorities, reducing the consumption of our machinery and the emission of polluting particles in the air and spills to water and land.

Corporate Policy

This is why we have implemented and certified a Corporate Social Responsibility management system following the IQNet SR 10 standard, understanding that being socially responsible is intrinsically linked to obtaining benefits and improving competitiveness. The business activity must be managed in a systematic and transparent manner, so that success is achieved through the process of continuous improvement, through the treatment of the needs of all interested parties, so that the main documents of the Management System for Corporate Social Responsibility.

Certificates of Quality and Efficiency

3 Efesis certified with a management system for quality, environment and corporate social responsibility according to ISO 9001: 2008 (No. 9165.E3EF), ISO 14001: 2004 and IQNet SR 10.

With our management system, we can:

  • Offer services that meet the requirements of all our stakeholders and the applicable legal regulations.
  • Achieve an effective application of a cycle of continuous improvement in all our processes that has an impact on the improvement of service quality.
  • Evaluate and improve the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Enhance the motivation of our workers, giving special importance to teamwork, internal communication and awareness in terms of quality, environment and social responsibility.
  • Detect non-conformities in our services and products before they occur.
  • Apply an operational control to all our significant environmental aspects that allows us to publicly state that, in the activities we develop, these aspects are not harmful to the environment, and may be provided to our clients if they are required.
  • Develop and implement a Code of Conduct that affects all employees and interest groups over which the company has influence, to unify and strengthen all practices to achieve the highest moral and professional standards.
  • Make our integrated management policy known to our suppliers, customers and society in general.