We bet on the Digital Signage

The Digital Signage is a trend in each of the public places we visit every day. The airports, the shopping centers, the avenues of the cities or the stations of trains or buses are full of the new digital structures that offer publicity to all that passes in front of them. Well, this trend has come to stay and every day we will see more, in large areas, but also in small businesses and shops. And this trend is supported by the latest survey of 2017 of the Digital Signage Business Climate Index in Spain and Portugal (DBCI), which says that the sale of screens, digital structures and computer software and hardware resources reached the turnover of 40 million euros, growing 5 percent over the previous year.

The transformation of the point of sale is evident and retailers are striving to offer an image where design, functionality and technology provide your establishment with the best possible shopping experience. According to IAB Spain, the perception of the Digital Signage is, in general, positive, since it transmits modernity and innovation (90%), it is perceived as different and original (88%), entertaining (85%) and useful (85%). The purpose of digital screens is to increase sales. Therefore, the best areas to get the message are those locations where the buyer spends more time. The line of boxes is one of the most impactful because it allows the client to be entertained by what the screen offers him while he waits his turn. Digital advertising, mixed with entertainment content, reduces the feeling of waiting by 60%.

And it is that this type of advertising only has advantages, as manifested by C!Print, since with this type of elements the environment is taken care of, since paper is not printed with respect to traditional posters and this is valued by consumers. In addition, the management of your content and images is very fast, from a computer you can manage everything in a short time. Customers can interact with them, requesting more information, making a purchase or giving their opinions of the advertised product, which in many occasions produces a diversion in the user. And it is proven that it increases the value of the advertised brand or the trade that has it in its facilities, thus increasing its sales. Keep in mind that according to C!Print, 68% of consumers bought a product because a digital screen in the store caught their attention.

For all these reasons, in Estampaciones 3 Efes we are working, day by day, on the improvement of our digital structures, such as the Radix, as well as on the design of new ones focused on attracting the attention of the consumer, both in large and small areas. business.

Digital Signage

Estampaciones 3 Efes in the Fair C!Print

A few months ago we had the pleasure of being able to exhibit our new products in Digital Signage at the C! Print fair in Madrid, Digital Personalization Image, with a large, innovative and modern stand, where our models of the XOX EVO family could be seen.

C!Print, the show that shows the possibilities of digital printing to interior designers, decorators, architects, communication agencies, retail and marketing, closed its edition with 12,181 visitors.
It is the only room that connects actors from all markets. Exhibitors such as HP, Roland, Canon, Mutoh, Hexis or Mimaki, and service providers have converged with interior designers, decorators, architects and communication and marketing agencies to show the advantages of digital printing. For the marketing and communication sector, which has grown 5% this year, digital printing is opening a wide range of possibilities. In a world with increasingly individualized audiences, digital printing allows you to personalize any brand image, and in any medium.

We leave the interview with our CEO Joaquín Sánchez Martín, in our innovative stand of the fair. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA_vnmIVVT4